Everything You’ll Actually Need to Know when You Are Injured by Someone Else

One of the most difficult things to come to terms with after you’ve suffered a serious injury is that someone else is responsible for the aftermath you’re dealing with. The fact that your injuries could have been prevented if it wasn’t for your encounter with this individual or entity (and in some cases, you may not even know who is to blame) can be even more infuriating. 

Learning as much as you can about how to get repaid for everything you’ve been through can often be overwhelming, as you’ll likely be bombarded with reasons to contact an attorney immediately. However, there is much more you’ll need to know before you head down that path. Read on to learn everything you’ll actually need to know when someone else causes you significant injury. 

You’ll Be Dealing with an Insurance Company

Usually, no matter what type of accident you were involved in, you will need to file a claim with the insurance company of the person or entity responsible for causing your injury. This can be done with or without the assistance of a lawyer. 

The insurance adjuster in charge of your claim will then “investigate” to determine fault. In most cases, you’ll be given the option to have the insurer issue you a check or have them pay your medical bills and other relevant costs directly. 

You Might Have to Go to Court

Even if you are able to get most of your costs covered by the insurance company, it may not be enough to cover the total amount of your losses. One Phoenix personal injury law firm even says “If the insurer won’t cover every loss you’ve experienced, and in most cases they won’t cover damages that have impacted you psychologically, your best option might be to go to court.” 

Doing so will give you the opportunity to be compensated for things like your lost wages, the inconvenience of the accident, and even your lost quality of life

It’s Possible You Won’t Win

Though many law firms will often tout that you’ll win if you bring your case to court, the fact of the matter is that life isn’t always fair, and even with a seemingly strong case, it is quite possible that you won’t win bringing your case to court. 

Accidents happen all the time, and while you have the right to seek repayment from the individual who is to blame for your injuries, you have to keep in mind that you should never count on recovering these costs you’ve endured, as it’s entirely possible that you may have to absorb them in order to move forward with your life


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